Aline Deschamps Aline Deschamps


Aline Deschamps is a French - Thai photographer. She graduated from a Master of International Relations (La Sorbonne- Paris1) and in Digital Media Arts (EPSAA). 

Her work is often linked to identity issues such as gender, migration, and cultural heritage. Through her lens, Deschamps seeks to visually translate social testimonies, and to challenge the dominant representation of her subjects. As such she tackled the topics of manhood, Yemenis living the war in exile, refugees in France and the social phenomenon of ‘luk khruengs’ in Thailand.

More recently, her long term project, ‘I Am Not Your Animal,' depicts migrant domestic workers in Lebanon. Her intimate portraits of these women aim to create a visual shift in how they are represented in mainstream media. Whether it is through her artistic or documentary series, Deschamps wishes to amplify the voice of her subjects with dignity. Sometimes, she makes use of plastic and digital practices in the process of creating her visual narratives.

Aline was the laureate of the UPP x Picto Prize and of the Grant SCAM Brouillon d'un rêve 2021. She is currently based in Beirut, and has been nominated a Canon Ambassador.

Links to her selected works.