Aline Deschamps Aline Deschamps


Aline Deschamps is a Franco - Thai photographer. Since her teenage years she combines both an interest for geopolitics and arts. She graduated from a Master of International Relations (La Sorbonne- Paris1) and in Digital Media Arts (EPSAA).

She starts her first exhibition in high school Regards sur l'enfance at the Paris City Council (13th district), as a young ambassador of UNICEF. As such, she advocates for the International Convention on the Rights of the Child for its 20th anniversary, and leads a fundraising through the sell of her photographs. In 2011 she organizes one of JR's INSIDE OUT in Chiang Mai with Thai monks, she then spends one year in South America where she captures the practices of shamanism (Salas - Peru) and the daily life of street kids (Cochabamba - Bolivia).

She begins her first unwilled photographic experimentation by accidentally mixing her travel film rolls. This resulted in a double exposure between different countries - which became a larger and participative project she directed called Serendipity. It was exhibited as part of the Rencontres Photographiques du 10e (Paris) in 2016.

Aline grew an early interest for street photography and urban arts. She was the official photographer of Djerbahood an open-sky museum project in Tunisia which photos have been published internationally and in an eponymous book. In 2015  the Djerbahood book edited by Beaux-livres of Albin Michel received the prize Bernier awarded by the Académie des Beaux-Arts of France.

She created the 3K Project with Hossein Farmani (Lucie Foundation) in which they both curate a photo contest as an answer to the Muslim ban (2017).

Aline is now a freelance photographer / videographer  and a cultural project manager. Her work subjects are often linked to identity issues such as gender, migration, cultural mix and heritage and stand as a visual translation of social testimonies. She also writes for the magazine L'Oeil de la Photographie , Konbini, Africascountry.

Aline is currently based in Beirut, leading different photojournalist, artistic and activist projects with women domestic workers. She has just been nominated a Canon Ambassador.